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Life Mastery: Being The CEO Of Your Own Life

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

How to take control and organize your days and weeks to set yourself up for success.

I believe that time management is the key to living a truly fulfilling, productive and happy life and am dedicated to empowering people with the the very important tool of time mastery. I believe that CEO of Me is important. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I know what it’s like to struggle in this arena and how poor time management adversely affects relationships and ultimately, the quality of one’s life.

It is my mission to teach others how to take charge of their Time, Energy and ultimately, Life happiness.

It begins with the notion that not all hours are created equal.   Do you track your hours and how wisely you spent them? Were you messaging with a friend while trying to finish a project deliverable? That most likely elongated the time it took you to complete the report and it almost definitely influenced the quality of your work and career growth and development down the road. But, now think about that session where you were lost in thought and incubated the idea that forms the bedrock of your current company. I bet you weren’t messaging then! It’s necessary to remind yourself to focus on quality over quantity many times. In this world where big data is all the rage, it’s easy to ignore and brush aside your own personal data but its fundamental to driving your best spiritual, working and social self.  This concept will help you become more conscious of how you invest your Time & Energy. This is only one out of many aspects of time mastery that I am passionate about sharing with people. My talk will hopefully help inspire others to actively pursue an effective life strategy that will improve their lives personally and professionally.

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