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5 Levels of Inner Leadership

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Developing a Model of Ownership & Accountability

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There are good CEOs and bad CEOs. The leaders are ones who take full responsibility for whatever happens in their organizations - good, mediocre and bad. They understand that they are responsible for setting the tone, and although every company and individual has unique structures (be it corporate politics or family dynamics) to deal with, in the end, claiming their rights and establishing an internal structure is within each one's power.

The CEO of Me methodology can be applied through general awareness of its principles and also in conjunction with Quantified Self Apps, such as Timebug by b.labs Ventures.  We encourage and empower individuals to take full ownership across five levels of their own lives, and within that process, to build a structured Board of Advisors across different Life Categories.  This tool allows every CEO of Me to share their goals with Advisors, and manage their feedback through a system of accountability.    

We must develop an effective leadership structure within. As does a professional sports organization, there are several levels of leadership roles within each of our lives -
  1. Ownership

  2. Management

  3. Coaching

  4. Player Captainship

  5. Player Execution

CEO of Me is about organizing oneself and developing leadership at all five levels within one’s own life. From 'Ownership' - taking responsibility for Life Vision and high level decisions, like who to build relationships with, where to live, etc - down to Player Execution - doing the day to day tasks of life well, there needs to be alignment, consistency and an overarching direction or theme to one's life, in order for there to be a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Management takes cues from Ownership, to come up with actionable plans for attaining Ownership's Vision. All of our Goal Setting, Personal Development, Education and other key parts of our Life Setup, fall under Management. Coaching refers to being one's own positive inner voice, motivating and ensuring that the right tone is set on a day to day basis. Captainship is an extension of Coaching, but 'on the field', where talk and ideas turn into purposeful action.

Internal leadership comes down to multi-dimensional Responsibility, which means The Ability to Respond, and do so with Strength, Definition and Purpose.


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