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Earth and Space

We look forward to speaking with you and working with you to claim yourself and your life path, 100%.  Let us know a little bit about your current situation - challenges, opportunities and goals.

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  • What is CEO of Me?
    CEO of Me is a philosophy, a way of life that starts with each one of us taking full ownership and responsibility in our own lives. It does not mean that we cannot take direction or feedback from others - not at all. It means that we don't make excuses, but rather take a proactive approach towards assessing our life situation and constantly evolving our strategies until we find the right formula for success, across all core areas. What we do for individuals and groups is help them get clarity, learn this system, make it their own and apply it to their lives. Tangible results are the tracked and followed up on.
  • How can I get started?
    Go ahead and book your first session, or if you have questions, submit an inquiry and we will reach out to discuss what our programs look like. In the end, while we have a system in place, each individual has a unique situation and for that, we often tailor one of our programs to one's needs.
  • Who are the Guides?
    The Guides or Coaches are individuals who have demonstrated high levels of success and balance, personally and professionally, in their own lives - true CEOs of their internal and external worlds. The Founder is a serial entrepreneur, author and humanitarian - Arman Rousta - who is available (and in high demand) as a Guide.
  • Do I have to pay to get access to this Methodology?
    As they say in life, nothing (worthwhile) is for free. However, we do offer much of our content and some engagement opportunities - on social media and our video/podcast feeds - for free. We have books and also a Fremium App called Timebug, which is based on the principles of Self Leadership and 100% Ownership.
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